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Mobile sauna construction

Would you like a sauna just like this one? No problem!

Here you can check out the prices and choose addons. We'll construct the sauna depending on your wishes.
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Technical side


The frame is made of spruce and pine wood that has been saturated with Aura Wood Protect in order to avoid rot and mold. To make the sauna weightless we use 9 mm thick pine board lining for the exterior as well as interior. The lining has been varnished with Supi Saunasuoja sauna varnish. OSB (flakeboard) that is covered by asphalt shingles has been used for the roof.


The window is a 6 mm thick glass, tinted from the outside. The asphalt shingles can be chosen from four different colours: red, green, black, brown.


General measures: 3 m * 1,5 m * 2,9 m
Steam room: 1,95 m * 1,35 m * 1,98 m
Vestibule: 0,94 m * 1,35 m
Window: 40 cm * 115 cm
Glass door: 69 cm * 180 cm


The sauna heater is Harvia M3 which fits 30 cm long firewood. The sauna heater stones are included in the base price.

1) Base Price 5590€

220V power supply from the electrical outlet + storage battery99€
LED-lights in the ceiling (4 pcs outside, 14 pcs inside)140€
LED-lights under the seating70€
FM radio + AUX/USB250€
Two-step stair89€
Hot water tank with faucet and heating chimney270€
Spare wheel for the trailer89€
Juniper decoration on the wall99€


2) Make a request

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